Aurora Specialty Textiles Group


Aurora Specialty Textiles has a Research and Development department with a extensive coating lab that includes a pilot coating operation, which enables our team to evaluate new product designs that can easily be transitioned to our production operation. This gives us the ability to make prototype samples for customers which results in reducing the time from concept to commercialization.



Our Research and Development lab has coating formulation capabilities that allow us to meet our customers’ unique and varied needs. Our dedicated Research and Development staff has the expertise to develop coatings to address customers’ product performance requirements. Aurora has a proven product development and product improvement track record.

Aurora has in-house capabilities to perform extensive textile tests. This eliminates delays related to sending materials for outside laboratory testing for faster development turn-around times. Aurora is committed to investing in advanced technologies to pursue new markets.


Our staff can provide you with the ideas and technical partnership needed to make your products a step above that of your competitors.


Product Development Process Engineer



Director Process and Product Development

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